Honey, I’m home!

I got home rather late last night from MQX.  We had planned to come home this morning, but my friend’s husband was down with a bad bout of asthma, so he asked if she could come home early.  It worked out okay, except for the spells of torrential rain part way down the freeway in the dark.  Sometimes having a small SUV is a really good idea.  I remember when my little Civic would hydroplane a bit on the road.  The CRV stays firmly planted and plows on through.

So, what can I tell you about the show?  It was FABULOUS!  I learned so much about how to use my Intelliquilter.  I’d already been doing a fairly good job of figuring it out — mix a fairly free-thinking quilter and computer geek with a quilting computer, and you get lots of play — but now I have some fairly solid tips and tricks for doing things to make them easier.  I can barely wait to get started on some new projects and some customer quilts, but I think I may actually wait till tomorrow to stitch.  I may load a quilt tonight, but I am just. plain. tired.  Can’t handle all this volunteering, class taking, photographing, hugging friends, chatting up a storm, eating, laughing, walking around town (and gawking at the drag queens attending the Coronation at our hotel), as well as I could when I was younger.  The drag queens, by the way, were fabulous.  Dressed to the nines, perfect coiffures, sparkle and dazzle everywhere, and they were also very friendly.  Anyway, the show was like old home week with lots of new stuff thrown in.  Not only did I learn IQ stuff, I had an applique’ class with the wonderful Sharon Schamber, and I’m so excited to do a new project.  I was doing okay with my applique’, but had been experimenting with some techniques, trying to find a better potato peeler, when Sharon opened my eyes.  My little project, though done in a hurry, looks great.  I’ll get around to posting pictures soon, but Vince is demanding a whole week’s worth of petting in short order, Ozzie wants to play ball (and needs a bath after his morning walk with his cousin Kallie), and Junior is actually feeling well enough to run about and play with them both.  It’s always nice when the kids miss you when you’re away.


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