How do you know when you’ve been quilting too much?  I finished a quilt last night and needed to deliver it to my client today.  I finished the quilt and 2 a.m. and had been playing with a few things on the IQ this morning.  As I was driving up the freeway, my brain kept saying, “Oh no, we’re about to run out of bobbin thread!”  I honestly thought I was hearing bobbin rattle.  I guess that’s better than special voices?  Anyway, I got to my destination, delivered the quilt (which my client loved), and on the way home, everything was quiet.  I guess it’s good to know there’s nothing wrong with the car that’s making that noise, but I do worry that I really thought I heard bobbin rattle on the way to Junction City!  I think I’ll knit for the rest of the day!


One thought on “Whoa!

  1. Oh no! Quilting overdose … sometimes when I close my eyes at night all I can see are little nine-patches marching across my eyelids. It’s a worry …

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