I had to give in

Well, the furnace is running and the house is warming up.  It got down to 39º last night (at 3 a.m.) and was only 42º when I got up this morning.  It was 63º in the house, so I finally turned the heat on.  I’d been trying to get away without using it yet, but I’m just too cold.  I’ve been desperately trying to clear away my quilting backlog and, if I get my butt off this computer and get upstairs and finish the quilt on the frame, I’ll be back on schedule today.  Of course, I’ll be away all next week at MQX, but that means I have to clean the house up so my sister won’t be totally grossed out when she comes to stay with my animals.  At least there is one big incentive for her here – she’s been waiting for her husband to clear his art supplies out of their upstairs loft so she can use it as her sewing room, but they are still waiting on the flooring for their yurt (to whence the art supplies are moving).  She will be able to come and use my sewing room for the week I’m gone, while she takes Ozzie for walks and feeds the kitties.  I’m hoping Junior behaves himself and neither bites her nor has too many accidents.  He had another this morning, but at least it was on the wood floor and not on the rug!  I get tired of cleaning up after him.  He has good days and some not-so-good.

So, I’d best get off this computer and finish up that quilt.  I still have to assemble my supplies for one class I’m taking with Sharon Schamber (can’t wait to see her again!) and pack for MQX.  It will be so nice to see friends from all over the world again.  Plus, I’ll actually get to meet a few that I’ve only corresponded with for ages.  Here we go!


2 thoughts on “I had to give in

    • I’ll look for you Carie! I’ll be there the whole week and I’ve got some blocks of time for volunteering, so I’ll be white-gloving or running errands or something, so I’ll be around!

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