Let’s make this mailing day!

I am hoping I will have a commissioned quilt finished and ready to mail today.  It has taken far too long.  Not only because the quilt was a lot of work, but I endured the two cat bites and ensuing sickness mid-quilt.  I’m hoping to finish it off today, get some photos, and get it packaged for mailing.  I also need to send some goodies off to my favorite east-coast sister (as opposed to my favorite west-coast sister) for her up-coming birthday.  I need to get those wrapped (although the wrapping won’t be too fancy) and ready to go.  Although I don’t use the US Postal Service for regular mail much anymore (I do on-line bill pay and lots of email), I do use their US Priority Mail Service.  You get free boxes, you set up your account on-line, you can create your mailing labels, pay for the postage, print the labels, affix them to the boxes, and schedule a pick-up.  I put them out on the porch next to the mailbox and my letter carrier takes them the next day.  You can’t get much more convenient than that.  Let’s hope there will be two boxes to go on my porch tomorrow afternoon.  I’m off to finish that quilt!


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