One of those magical fall evenings

I had a very full day today.  I got up and was having coffee in my jammies, reading my email, when I got a call that a friend needed a ride home from the hospital.  Margaret had taken Joannie and Pete to the hospital yesterday, so Peter could have back surgery, but they had no way to get him home today.  So, I did a quick change, drove to Riverbend, and there he was, up, walking around, and all ready to go. Amazing what these doctors can do nowadays.  Got him home, visited a while with Joannie.  I came home, grilled some tri-tip and had steak salad for lunch (much to Ozzie’s glee, as he gets a little of what mom has, usually).  Then I went upstairs and quilted till I wilted, came down, did some business bookkeeping, headed off to guild board meeting (needed to present bills for reimbursement), came home, and now I am enjoying a very small dirty vodka martini in the backyard.  It is an exceptionally fine evening.  It was about 85* F today (the degree symbol never works on my computer), but the sunset was lovely and the crickets are now singing in the backyard.  There is a very slight crescent moon near the northwest horizon, and the stars are just beginning to come out.   A jet is just leaving the Eugene airport (to the northwest of me) and I can see it’s running lights headed, most likely, for San Francisco or Los Angeles.   Ah, it’s banking, and will most likely fly right over the house.  Sufficient altitude, however, that I don’t really hear it up there.  Just a slight whine of the engines.  This is the life.  Quiet, calm, enchanted.  Did I tell you how much I love retirement?


2 thoughts on “One of those magical fall evenings

  1. I like a dirty martini too, with extra olives….I hope we get to have one together some day. I’m glad you are at peace and enjoying your retirement, my friend.
    Love ya.

    • Actually, these days my martinis consist of mostly olives that just get nicely marinated before I eat them. Olives are good for us, aren’t they? 😉 I too hope we can have one together again.

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