Time to get cracking!

It has been a bit hard to put my nose to the grindstone lately.  Late summer/early fall in Oregon is always a gorgeous time of year, and it’s hard to stay inside when the weather is so fine.  It’s also almost impossible to stay in when you have a dog!  (Who convinced me to get a dog?  She really should be shot).  Anyway, this morning is cool, gray, and drizzly.  It’s absolutely beautiful, but a good day to stay in after taking the dog for a walk.  I did buy a set of golf umbrellas at Costco yesterday.  I put the smaller one in the car for when we need to stop and take care of business while on trips, and the other is by the front door, for our daily walks in the neighborhood.  Rain never stops us from walking, but there’s no reason why I have to get soaked in the process.  I have two umbrellas that are in fairly decent shape, but they are so old that water now leaks through the canopy.  These golf umbrellas also have the vent in them half-way down that makes them more resistant to wind gusts.  I think we’ll be doing well with these.

I picked up two more quilts yesterday from my customer Sue.   She does such nice work and I can’t wait to dive into her quilts.  One of them is a large sampler – she wants something simple, but I think I might find a stencil that will look good in each block and then find a unifying sashing design to pull it all together without getting way too fancy.  It’s much too nice of a quilt for an all-over.  I told her I’d send her some ideas.  I have another coming later this week for Laurin and another for Marilyn coming soon.  The holidays are coming, so I expect the pace will be picking up.  Since I’ve had a fairly steady stream coming, I’d best get them all done so that I’m ready for the rush.  At times it’s good to know we have several longarmers in the area, as there are lots of quilts to go around!

Another reason to get finished up is that October is my big quilting retreat month.  MQX is coming right up and then my semiannual retreat to Silver Falls.  I’ve got my house/pet sitters lined up, projects to work on, and friends to meet up with.  Did I mention that I love autumn?  Off to quilt.

4 thoughts on “Time to get cracking!

  1. I was born and raised in Oregon so you … no matter where I am, I am headed home. (How could you not when you live in a community called: Happy Valley?!)

    I have been knitting like a mad woman … Judy got me started several months ago. Knitting keeps me warm, once whatever I am working on gets long enough to cover my lap!

    I have a couple quilt tops finished, need to get them over to the long-armer. Just seems like no hurry, already late. One is for a baby who celebrated her first b’day in August.

    Enjoying your blog, just had to comment on another Oregonian.

    • Hi Cindy! Nice to meet another Oregonian. I’ve lived here for 32 years, so now consider this home. I just love this state. I’d knitted three Icelandic sweaters years ago and used to knit socks and mittens, but I tried to knit socks a few months ago and bombed out badly. I’m ready to give it a whirl again though. I’ve got lots of sock yarn. Happy Valley sounds wonderful (that’s up west of Philomath, isn’t it?), I live in the Friendly Area Neighborhood in Eugene. Such cozy names!

  2. so what ended up being wrong with Junior? I have read all the recent posts and didn’t see the test results..only that he had fleas, allergies and had to have anesthesia. Update please? And is he behaving better?

    • We’re not sure yet. The tests were sort of inconclusive. He’s 12 years old and had a flea allergy so that made him cranky, but there is something else going on. He’s a big fat cat, and has pre-diabetes. I’m in the process of shifting him to a higher protein diet, and that may help. He seems to be having trouble jumping up on things (he can’t get up on the bed at night — I have to pick him up), and he falls down every now and then. He’s also having trouble finding the litter box (ewww). I’m waiting to see if some of this is the after-effect of general anesthesia — I know the last few times I’ve had to go under, coming out takes a long, long time – but I have a feeling, and the doc agrees, that he may have some neurological disorder or tumor in his brain that would be very expensive to diagnose, and it wouldn’t be fixable. Well, not in my budget, anyway. I’d probably have to take him down to the veterinary clinic at UC Davis, and I would spend a fortune for a cat who’s not got a long time left anyway. For now, I’m just giving him all the love I can and hoping he doesn’t develop anything painful. I’m also careful to leave him alone if he starts growling, hissing, or whapping at the dog. I do not want another cat bite!

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