Back in the saddle again

Okay.  Enough of being ill.  I’ve thrown the ball for Ozzie, taken him for a walk, I’ve had chicken soup for brunch, and I’m headed back upstairs to quilt.  I originally didn’t have anything scheduled until late in this week, so I’d best get my act together and finish off my backlog so I can be caught up when the next quilts arrive.  I’m expecting three at least, along with the possibility of some miniatures for a friend.  I discovered that part of the reason I was so tired yesterday is that I had forgotten to take my medications.  I have a metabolic disorder that is helped by taking phentermine each day, and it’s amazing how quickly I seem to run out of gas without it.  I’m trying to get myself some more natural remedies (vitamins, herbs, etc.) so I don’t have to rely on taking these obnoxious substances much longer.  It feels good to be headed back to the quilting machine.  I managed this little piece of sewing over the last few days, just to get my fingers limbered up again.  I think I’m good to go.

Just a simple folded hot pad that was more pressing than sewing really, that still requires a binding and, next time, a more contrasting fabric for the middle.  Oh – I forgot to say this is a pattern from PlumEasy patterns and it was plum easy.  It does, however require quite chunk of fabric, but I’ve already devised a method for remedying that.  I’ll test it out later when I’ve had some quilting time under my belt.


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