That darn Judy! ;p

Do any of you read Judy Laquidara’s blog?  It’s  I’ve never met Judy in person, but we’ve been friends on line since 2004, when I bought my APQS machine.  She held my hand through many of my initial trials and tribulations with my longarm.  We’ve chatted on the phone and we email, and I just love her so.  Well, if you know of Judy’s blog, you know she’s not just a quilter.  She’s an author, a mother, a wife, a dog owner, a whiz in the kitchen (she cooks great stuff AND she cans a lot of things too), and she knits.  She’s probably got a million other talents too, but those are the ones of which I’m aware.  Anyway, Judy was talking about making a sweater to celebrate finding a new house (she and Vince have been looking for 10 months!), and she had a very cute pattern on the blog today.  Well, I read back a few posts, and she had this really, REALLY cute cardigan pattern there, so guess who got a wild hair and decided to get it (and the yarn to go with?).  I have so many projects, but this is one that I can take with me when I have to go to the doctor (been doing too much of that lately) or when I can’t be home at my longarm machine.  Most of you know that I’m always freezing anyway — fall is here and winter is coming, and a nice worsted wool (merino) sweater will be just the ticket.  Now, I have to keep from visiting all these wonderful sites Judy writes about, or I’ll be in the poor house in no time.  I think, however, this sweater will be great, and not too expensive.  I just hope I stick with it and get it done.  I guess it’s not really Judy’s fault anyway.  It was her friend Denise who got her going on the sweater, and it just sort of snow-balled from there.  This on-line chatter stuff can be dangerous at times.  Anyway, I find out the best stuff from Judy’s blog.

I started back to sewing/quilting tonight by making a potholder.  I’ve been thinking of making some of these for a holiday bazaar we will be having.  Mostly Getaway Girls selling their wares at Our Sewing Room in Springfield.  I think there should be some really nice stuff there, and I don’t have to sit and sell it.  The shop owner will sell it for us, and the commission she is getting is very small, so it’s more than worth it.  I think I have enough dexterity back in my hand to go back to quilting now, and I’ve finished the last of the antibiotics, so I don’t need to worry about being queasy from them any longer.  I’ve really felt a renewed sense of wellness today – like coming out of a fog.  So, it’s after midnight, I’m pooped, and I’m off to bed.  I’ll get up and finish up a family tree quilt in the morning.  Get the binding on it, and hope to mail it Monday.  Then I have another quilt to get done and I’m expecting another three in at any moment.  Just a revolving door, one in, two out, three in, two more out, three more in.  The Christmas rush is coming.  Get those quilts done early!  Anyway, night all (or good morning a little early!).


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