Well, $370 later, the cat is out of the vet’s office.  We’re waiting for test results to come back tomorrow.  Hopefully, it’s just thyroid or something treatable.  He did have some matted hair – not surprising when he won’t allow brushing – and those spots have been either combed or shaved.  There is a chance he could have a brain tumor.  If that’s the case, he probably won’t be with us long.  Let’s hope it’s something easy to deal with and his sweet nature returns.

I am now on a very strong antibiotic, Levaquin, and now cannot exercise for 10 days while I take it.  It is known to soften tendons and, since I walk, I might rupture an achilles.  Really?  Really.  I hope this is my last round of antibiotics and I get the use of my hand back.  I can move my fingers, but I can’t pick anything up and I certainly can’t make a fist.  Let’s hope it’s all good from here on out.


2 thoughts on “Oy!

  1. Ouchies Linda! I hope your hand heals up very soon. I had no idea that cats were likely to make such a bad infection (I have to stay away from cats all the time as I am very allergic to them). Fingers crossed that your cat is treatable and back to his nice peaceful self. Take care.


    • I knew cat bites could be bad, but I’ve owned cats all my life and this is the first incidence of being so badly bitten that I needed antibiotics. Kitty seems lots happier today. I’m hoping it may have been the nasty spots of fur and the suspected flea allergy. Now I just need some tranquilizers so I can groom him more often! — not sure if I or the cat will need the tranquilizers!

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