Well, $370 later, the cat is out of the vet’s office.  We’re waiting for test results to come back tomorrow.  Hopefully, it’s just thyroid or something treatable.  He did have some matted hair – not surprising when he won’t allow brushing – and those spots have been either combed or shaved.  There is a chance he could have a brain tumor.  If that’s the case, he probably won’t be with us long.  Let’s hope it’s something easy to deal with and his sweet nature returns.

I am now on a very strong antibiotic, Levaquin, and now cannot exercise for 10 days while I take it.  It is known to soften tendons and, since I walk, I might rupture an achilles.  Really?  Really.  I hope this is my last round of antibiotics and I get the use of my hand back.  I can move my fingers, but I can’t pick anything up and I certainly can’t make a fist.  Let’s hope it’s all good from here on out.

Doctor’s appointments all around

Well, the cat has an appointment with the vet at 2:00.  Hopefully, it will be something easily treatable that has turned the big marshmallow into a yeowling hellcat.  I also have an appointment at the after-hours clinic again.  The only appointment they had available today was at 2:15, and I’m letting the cat take precedent here.  I’m already on augmentin, but things don’t look so hot, so I’m going back in.  Off to the gardening shop first for a pair of heavy-duty leather gloves.  I hope I can fit my right hand in!