Old and very crabby

Well, this usually applies to me, but I’ve been very happy since I retired.  Unfortunately, it’s my cat!  As I posted before, I got bitten by him and ended up with a bad infection.  That infection had not cleared yet, so I just refilled the antibiotics.  This morning, when I fed the dog (my dog isn’t a chow-hound, and trying to get him to eat can be a chore), Junior the cranky decided that he wanted the dog food.  I yelled at him to get away from the dog food (which, of course, only made the dog get away from  the dog food) so I went over to swoop the cat up and put him up in his kitty hammock so he would be away from the dog food.  I ended up with a whirling buzz-saw of cat, and have a large slash across my wrist and palm and seven more deep puncture wounds in the back of my hand, just at the juncture of hand and thumb.  I washed with antibacterial wash and immediately downed another antibiotic.  I’ll give the cat till tomorrow to calm down, then he will be going to the vet.  There has got to be something wrong that has caused this behavioral problem.  He is generally a pretty sweet cat, but he’s constantly whapping at the dog and my other cat, trying to eat everyone else’s food, and occasionally yeowling for no apparent reason.  I guess we’d best find out what is wrong with him.  I have to admit I’m nearly angry enough with him to ask them to put him out of his misery, but I realize it’s not his fault, something must be wrong, so we will investigate.  Ah – retirement, reduced income, vet bills.  And, it’s not really easy to quilt when your hand is maimed, so raising funds by quilting will be difficult, but I will soldier on.  Just hope I don’t bleed on anyone’s quilt!!


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