Unfaithful about blogging again

Well, it’s probably a good thing I’ve never signed up with one of the sites that pays you for ads you post because so many people visit your site.  8P  I’m just not very faithful about coming in here and talking about my journey.  Although, this past week, I have been very busy.  I’ve been quilting and getting acquainted with my Intelliquilter.  I just love it, but a lot of the things I’ve had to do lately, I haven’t been able to use it for.  Well, I probably could, but I haven’t rounded the learning curve yet that would allow me to do some things faster on the IQ than I can do them myself.  Too much mental strain involved.

I guess I’ll roll back to last Friday.  I was busy finishing up a family tree quilt for a friend’s son’s wedding.  Trying to tidy-up the house before my sister from the east coast came out to surprise my sister from Walterville for her birthday.  I have an old, very fat cat who has been shedding up a storm lately.  He gets those horrible clumps of fur and I try to keep him brushed, but he hates it.  Anyway, since there was cat fur everywhere, I decided that before I started vacuuming, I’d brush the cat.  I was being gentle, getting lots of fur in the brush.  He was purring.  Suddenly, he cried and turned and bit me all in one fluid motion.  Not a little nibble either.  A great big chomp right through the meat of my hand, just below my right pinky.  Deep puncture wounds that began to bleed profusely right away.  Oh great!  A quilt needing finishing, a house needing cleaning, and I’m maimed!  I ran into the bathroom and washed and washed, cleaned the punctures with rubbing alcohol, which I couldn’t even feel stinging because the hand already hurt pretty badly.  I wrapped some sterile gauze around it and secured it with some painters tape, since I had nothing else, and went about the business of working on the quilt.  The bite occurred at about 10 in the morning.  By about 7:30 that evening, my hand was red, hot, swollen, and the wounds were seeping.  ICK!  I called the after hours clinic and got the last appointment for the night – 9:15.  The doc explained to me that cats have a special (very virulent) bacteria in their mouths and, since hands (and feet) have so many moving parts, once you are bitten with a puncture wound, the bacteria spread very quickly.  I got a prescription for antibiotics, but by the time I left the clinic, it was too late to fill it.  I’d have to wait for the drugstore to open at 9:00 a.m.  When I woke up Saturday morning, the hand was really gross and I felt terribly sick.  I had a fever.  I got the antibiotics and things began to clear up, but not before the wound got totally gross.  I generally don’t have a weak stomach, but cleaning that wound nearly made me pass out over the next few days. I had to refill the antibiotics yesterday, as the infection is still not totally gone.  Lesson – take cat bites, especially puncture wounds, very seriously.

So.  Saturday, I’m ill and still trying to clean the dirty house.  I need to pick up my sister Barb at the airport at 3:30 in the afternoon.  I get her, we meet the rest of the family (except the birthday girl, who detests restaurants) at the Olive Garden for an early dinner.  That was very pleasant, and then my niece, my sister and I came home to hand stitch the binding onto the quilt we had made Ginny for her birthday.  Barb pieced the blocks and first borders of this quilt, I added the pinwheels at the top and the outer borders and quilted it.


Barb passed out after her long journey, I eventually crashed after a long day and feeling sick, and my niece sewed into the middle of the night and finally went home about midnight.  Barb and I got up and almost finished the binding the next morning, but we took it out to Ginny’s to surprise her anyway.  I had assured Ginny that Barb was not coming, even though I had called Barb about a month and a half before and told her airfares were down and I thought it would be good if she came out.  Ginny thought we were just going to take the dogs for a walk.  She walked down the driveway to meet me, and didn’t notice Barb at all until I pointed at the car.  She started jumping up and down and screaming!  I think we did good.  Oh — and she liked the quilt too.

We had a family gathering Sunday night, went to Sisters on Monday, I sewed like the dickens in the between times, and realized I wouldn’t get the quilt done on time on Tuesday.  Close – but no cigar.  The couple for whom the quilt is made will get it when they return from their honeymoon.  Most likely better that way anyway.

Barb went home Tuesday night, Wednesday I just collapsed being ill, did some more sewing and got the quilt on the frame.  I’m still working on it, but it’s nearly done.  Then have another to finish before Tuesday, then have some more lined up.  Also need to make some trinkets for the holiday bazaar.  I just do not understand how I ever had time to work!  Anyway, I’m feeling better, I’m busy, Ozzie and I continue to play ball and go for walks.  Life is very good.