Where DOES the time go?

Wow.  Has it been that long since I’ve been in here?  If you haven’t retired yet, you’ll probably know some retired folks who tell you they cannot understand how they ever found time to go to work.  You probably think, “ya, right!  If I was retired, the whole day would be mine and I would get so much done!”  HA!  I’m afraid all those retirees are right.  You do manage to accomplish things, but it’s like the adult ADD joke.  You make coffee, and realize you need to take the trash out, so you go out to open the garage door, and the dog follows you, and you play ball, and realize the tree branches are hanging on the phone line, so you go and get the clippers and the ladder, but then the FedEx guy comes . . .  by the end of the day, you have tools and bags and all sorts of implements lying all around, and you’ve gotten absolutely nothing totally accomplished.  Oh — and your coffee’s cold.

I had a birthday since I was here last.  It was a nice day.  Weather was perfect, quilted all day, had dinner out with the family.  Got a bizillion happy birthday wishes (thanks to Facebook. . .well, and the US Mail too).  I’ve had some really splendid days.  I’ve had some pretty scary days, too.  Do you ever have those days where everything you touch falls apart, or everything goes so wrong, that you begin to doubt your sanity?  One of those huge rifts in the time-space continuum that knocks you off your feet for a while?  Well I had one on Saturday.  I’ve been trying to put it out of my mind, so I can’t remember everything bad that happened, but a few were putting a big hole in a commissioned quilt with my embroidery machine, locking myself out of the house, etc.  The day finally degenerated to the point where I mixed myself a small dirty martini and retreated to the back yard to toss the ball for the dog and ponder the cosmos.  The martini didn’t really help all that much, and it was getting mighty hot out there, so I came back in to the best refuge of all.  I took a trip to Middle Earth.  I put in the DVDs to the Lord of the Rings and watched the first film.  The stories have a calming effect on me.  I’ve been romping off to the land of Tolkien since my parents passed when I was 12 years old.  I feel safe there, even though there are Orcs, Goblins, Marshes, Man-eating Trees, etc.  By Sunday morning, I seemed to have made it back through the rift into a more normal world, and things have been fine since.  Actually, I got a lot done yesterday (it was, after all, Labor Day), and today looks to be off to a good start too.  Nothing like a bit of come-uppence every now and then to make you realize that normal every-day life is excellent!

The days are shorter now, but the weather has been fantastic.  Hot dry days followed by almost chilly nights.  Evenings spent sitting in the back yard, listening to the crickets and watching the stars twinkle.  Good walks with the dog, lots of sewing and quilting.  The Autumn is, indeed, my favorite time of year (and, apparently, time of life).


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