It’s Monday?

I don’t know why, but I woke up thinking that today was Friday!  I guess to me, every day is now Friday — so full of promise.  No extreme depression about having to drag myself back into that office!  Yeah!!  Thank goodness the Mac has a little date and day up in the top toolbar, or I’d probably have no idea what day it is.

I guess I should be aware of the date.  There is a quilt show coming up next month in Portland, and I entered a quilt that was not quilted yet.  Our guild is the featured guild, and so they were encouraging us all to enter, so I went to the show website and looked up the date for quilts to be delivered for the show.  I checked my calendar and yep!  There was a slot in there for me, a week and a half before deadline, so I went for it.  What I didn’t realize was, all of our guild quilts are supposed to go up together, and they are leaving on Wednesday.  The quilt is on the frame, I can probably get it quilted by Wednesday (although it would be rushed and I’d like to take my time with a show quilt) but I surely will not have it bound, labeled and sleeved by then.  I emailed our guild coordinator this morning and let her know if Wednesday is my absolute deadline, I’ll have to withdraw the quilt from the show.  Thing is, I have to go to Portland on Friday (where the quilt drop-off is) and I’m certain I could be all done by then.  I think I’ll call the show people and ask if they would still accept it, especially since the final due date isn’t till next Wednesday.

I’m trying something new and top secret on this quilt.  After the show, I’ll post pics.  You can all tell me if you can tell what it is!  Well, I’d best scoot and get that baby quilted.


4 thoughts on “It’s Monday?

  1. I’m glad I arrange my pills in day-by-day boxes on a weekly basis so that I know what day it is. Happy Friday!!

    • LOL – that’s funny! I do that too, but I guess I’m not awake enough first thing in the morning (before coffee) to notice the day. I just take the ones in the next slot. It’s later in the day, when I wonder if I took my meds, that I go back and check the day.

  2. LOL Linda, I still have that problem about dates. I have calendars all over the house (I like the pictures and they are free.LOL) so I keep looking at them. If I don’t put appts on the calendar, I will forget to go to the Dr.s. LOL As to the pets, I don’t know what I would have done without mine when I first became a stay at home Mom. It was me and the dogs all day. I learned how to get them to howl and we would sit in the living room howling together. (I had to start them.LOL) It was a new neighborhood, we were the 2nd house built and there was no one around, but I would have done it anyway. LOL

    I hope that you get your quilt in the show. I wouldn’t think that there should be a problem as long as it is before the deadline. Are you near Banks,OR? I have a friend that lives there. Sara

    • Yes, I talked to the show people today and it will be fine if I bring the quilt later. I know how the woman for our guild feels though — she wanted to have everything organized and ready and I don’t blame her. She does a great job. I just didn’t realize we’d be putting our things in early when I signed on. I always fly by the seat of my pants. Actually, I had to squeeze myself into my quilting schedule.

      I think part of the cat howling is my fault. When he was little and would cry so much, I’d imitate him, and we’d sort of talk back and forth to each other. Now I think he’s trying to tell me he wants me to come and chat with him. He does NOT like having a dog here. I do catch them playing every now and then though.

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