Celebrating every day

I’m so used to complaining, I haven’t really known how to start my blog posts lately!  ;p  Not only am I free to do mostly whatever I want (as long as it doesn’t involve too much money), but we are entering my favorite time of the year.  The days heat up, but in the evening, it cools down nicely.  Nice to sit in the backyard with the dog and a cool drink (non-adult beverages for me these days) and watch the sky turn lovely shades of pink, orange, and purple.  Nature’s magical light show that imbues one with a sense of wonder and awe.  I am so content.  Life is simple; life is about joy and creating.

Today, and for the next few days, I’ll be quilting one of my own quilts.  I was going to get mine done before the one I delivered yesterday, but the owner called and was nervous, so I put hers ahead of mine.  When I dropped it at her office yesterday, she was away until Monday.  Oh well, part of the ebb and flow of everyday life, no?  Although mine is a show quilt, it’s entered in the every day bed custom category, so I will be doing familiar designs, prettying-up a quilt I made just for me.  Stencils and freehand, even though I have the IQ, because at the time I entered it, I didn’t know the IQ would be here, so I entered it in the hand-guided category.  So be it.  It’s nice to keep one’s skills up anyway, not that you don’t still need your skills when using the computer.

It’s supposed to be 90 degrees here today.  Unlike most of the country, we have been blessed with a relatively cool summer.  It has been sunny and lovely, but the temps haven’t gotten much above 85.  For someone like me who is freezing all of the time, the weather has been perfect.  I may actually be warm today.   So, off to play on one of my own quilts.  I’ve not done this in ages!

Have a great day all, and take time to enjoy the magic of summer.


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