Let’s see . . . where were we?

Or where am I?  HOME!  I quit.  I had planned on August 19th being my last day at the office, but as I was trying to finish up loose ends and prepare files for my replacement, I found I would need some assistance every now and then from the Business Office, or the Dean’s Office, or some other office.  I’d call or email and the basic response was – oh, look that up on our website.  Hello?   I’d worked at the place for nearly 32 years.  I know the website is there.  If I’m calling you, it’s because I can’t find it on the website!!  I had to go to Portland for yet more extensive bloodwork on Thursday, August 4th, and when I got home that afternoon, there was a barrage of emails, all letting me know that I needed to do this, this, this, this, and this . . . with a copy to my replacement in case I didn’t finish all of that by the time she arrived on the 15th.  WHAT?  I had agreed to stay until the 19th so I could do the payroll because I thought no one would be there.  If she was coming on the 15th, she would be there to do the payroll.  Why . . . why oh why oh why  . . .was I hanging in there.  I decided to go in the next day and hand in my letter of resignation, and that is exactly what I did.  So!  I am officially retired.  Prepared to stand on the corner with a sign that says “will quilt for health insurance.”  I may be poor, but I’m free, and that’s all that matters right now.  We’ll worry about the starving artist part later on.

I’ve been bonding with my Intelliquilter.  First quilt up, I got really wild and went with a basic meander.  Kind of like you do when you first get your quilting machine.  I wanted to be sure I could line everything up and get it all straight.  My friend Ellen was in a bind, as she was having machine difficulties and had promised this quilt to a friend on a Sunday.  I picked it up Friday night and whipped it on.  It was done in no time.

Easy peasy!  Yes, I could have done it myself, but to tell you the truth, this thing sews a whole lot faster than I do.  I didn’t even know my machine could run that fast.  Of course, the whole reason I’ve been going to Portland for tests is because I seem to be lacking metabolism, so a snail’s pace seems like the Daytona 500 to me.

So, here we have Eowyn hard at work (yes, we quirky quilters name our machines – well, some of us anyway).

And, we have Aragorn driving (the way it always should have been — Tolkien kept Arwen discreetly in the background, Jackson just made her ridiculous!)

Next up were a couple of quilts for a new customer, Lynne.  She had some cute and fun tops to do:

This had a coffee theme to itThen was the little redwork that needed crosshatching.  I decided to do this one myself instead of trying to set the IQ up to do it for me.  It was just easier to whip out a ruler and have at it.I finished off the border with a little no mark, no spine featherThen I downloaded a turtle pantograph for my friend Joyce’s quilt.  It had the turtles going all in the same direction, and was a bit boring, so I flipped the even rows and skewed it to make it nest a little better.  King Tut Nefertiti on the top, Magna Glide cream bobbinsOne turtle

And a whole herd of turtles on the back

I delivered the turtles quilt this morning and everyone loved it.

In the meanwhile, I’ve taken the dog for a walk every morning, played countless games of ball toss, had my niece help me clean the studio for the IQ install, and then my sewing room, so now I can just walk in, sit down, and sew.  I also assembled the Hemnes sideboard for my studio and made a large pressing surface for the top.It’s great storage, and a 24″ x 64″ surface to press on is great!

On Saturday, my sister and my niece and I went blueberry picking.  We have such tiny berries (NOT) in Oregon that it took forever!  Actually, I picked 12.5 pounds of these babies in about an hour.

Life is beyond fabulous!  I highly recommend retirement.