Did you miss me?

Well, probably not, but here I am again.  I have been busier than a one-armed paper hanger!  I’m trying to wrap up work at the UO.  I will not be in the office later than August 19.  Basically staying to do the next payroll and then I am free as a bird!  I got my Intelliquilter installed and I am having the BEST time!  The design possibilities are nearly infinite, and buying new patterns gives nearly instant gratification — you just download them, put them on your USB stick, and load them into the Intelliquilter tablet.  I’m usually a very slow quilter, but I loaded and quilted five quilts in the last week.  Four were done with the Intelliquilter, one was a custom cross-hatch job that I did with my trusty Janet-Lee’s Favorite ruler.  The really good thing is, now that I have nearly all the customer quilts cleared off the decks, I can load a quilt for show!  Nothing really special — it’s entered into the custom bed category, as it won’t be all that fancy.  I entered it in NW Quilt Expo before I knew my IQ was coming, so I entered it as hand-guided quilting.  I guess I’ll just have to do that now.  No way around it.  Still – it’s all good!  I’ve been taking pictures as I go, but haven’t had the time to upload any yet.  I’ll add them in here over the next few days.

Taking Ozzie to the vet in just a bit.  The little booger got into a patch of burdocks in the back yard again and this time got a bunch of them near his eye.  It took me quite a while to get him to relax enough to let me get them all out, but he still is rubbing the eye and there is a bit of goop.  We’re going to go and make sure there is no big cut and protect him against an infection.  Poor little fella.  It sure has not put a crimp in his desire to play ball, however.  He’s lying here panting right now because he’s exhausted from our lunchtime session.


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