Popcorn Brain

My name is Linda Steller and I am an addict.  An internet junkie.  I definitely have popcorn brain.  I exceeded my internet bandwidth at home this month (well, June, but it goes till tomorrow, July 4).  I’ve been without internet except for my Droid (can we say ‘too small’ for much writing?) and have not been able to read my UO mail or do much surfing.  Of course, this is a good thing, because I am cleaning and organizing the house, but I needed to download my data file for my updated MQBM program, check my UO Email, and, of course, I had to chat with someone!  😉  Yes, I couldn’t stand it.  So, Ozzie and I are sitting on a park bench on the quad outside the building where I work at the UO and using the UO Wi-fi.  Well, actually, Ozzie is lying in the grass panting, as we have just had a vigorous ball-toss, along with the chasing of a few squirrels up trees (Ozzie that is, not me).

We have clouds this morning, so the view isn’t quite as nice as it usually is, but with the holiday weekend, there is no one here but me and the dog.  Very peaceful.  Well, it was until a few squirrels in the neighboring trees decided to get into a fight and give Ozzie a serious taunting.  He’s very entertained.

Along with missing writing and chatting on the internet, I realized this morning just how much I rely on the web.  I was outside in the backyard, of course, tossing the ball for the dog, and was looking over my roses.  I began to wonder if certain varieties were still available, as I would like to add more, and, of course, I would normally have zipped into the house and looked that info up on line.  Also, because it’s cloudy this morning, I wanted to get online and see if this was just a case of morning clouds (due to a cool night in the confluence of two mighty rivers) and would burn off, or if the forecast had changed terribly and we were in for rain.  Man, I’ve got it bad.  I am hopeful that the realization of my addiction will help me to stay away from the computer a bit more.  I’ve been relying on it too much for company.  Hopefully, tomorrow really will be independence day!