I’m allergic to work

Not only can I be a champion procrastinator, but my body decides to fail me when I decide to make some headway.  I got up this morning, did some cleaning in the kitchen, began to stow some of the items I brought home from retreat last weekend, and then decided that I would not set up my sewing machine again until it could go into the beautiful Sylvia Cabinet that I bought for it three years ago.  I have used this cabinet a couple of times, and it is wonderful.  A great place to stow the Bernina, and a fabulous sewing area.  However, I took the machine out of the cabinet a few years ago to go to a retreat, and I started stashing so much junk in that room, that I can’t even get to the cabinet anymore, never mind sew in there!  <rolleyes>  So, I decided my mission for the weekend would be to declutter the spare bedroom/sewing room, get my machine set up in there (instead of on the kitchen/dining room table) and feel good about downsizing.  However, first things first.  Had to go outside and throw the ball for the dog.  In typical adult ADD fashion, I had to start some laundry on the way to the back yard, and I took some lyrica this morning because I’m having some sciatic pain (in my left leg instead of the usual right).  So I finally get out there and start throwing the ball, and I’m thinking . . . wow, that lyrica has become really potent since I have not taken it in a long, long time.  I feel woozy.  So, I keep playing, figuring I’m on drugs and there’s nothing that can be done.  I decide I’m really woozy, so I better go inside.  As I start to walk, I notice that my vision is jiggly.  Uh-oh.  Find the blood sugar meter, QUICK!  Reading is 44.  Supposed to be 70-100.  So, I’m lying here on the couch with my hands shaking and my brain most likely not making any sense, and I’m eating butterscotch disks and typing.  I’ve got some beef jerky to follow the sugar up with.  Hopefully, I’ll be back in shape to tackle the room in about an hour.  You think I’d learn by now.  Some kids are just kind of thick!


4 thoughts on “I’m allergic to work

    • I’m okay. Had a nice little nap and then a hard boiled egg and some cheese. I’m back up and at ’em. Can’t think of what I ate that would have lowered my blood sugar like that though. Very weird.

  1. “Had to go outside and throw the ball for the dog. In typical adult ADD fashion, I had to start some laundry on the way to the back yard” OMG I thought this was multi-tasking! Must have ADD too

    • I get distracted by so many things. I live in a small cottage which, if I concentrate on the task at hand, is very easy to clean. However, I seem to flit from room to room with an object in my hand, looking for a place to put it down, until I’ve wasted the day and nothing gets done. Sigh. At least I’ve grown used to the clutter.

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