Do you ever wonder if people are purposely trying to drive you crazy?  Maybe I’ve just gotten really bad at explaining myself (and other things) lately, but I have a few people who keep plaguing me with questions when they could check the facts in other locations.  I’m trying not to be to frustrated by this, but most of you who really know me understand that patience is not my strongest trait.  As if, eh?  I am grateful that it is Friday Eve. . . and the eve of a Friday before a holiday weekend to boot.  I need a break.  Last weekend was a four-day retreat at Silver Falls State Park.  It was so fun and so relaxing, but just packing up to go and then packing up to come back can add a bit of stress to the whole thing.  This weekend I’m staying put.  Hoping to do a little yard work, a little house work, and a whole lot of sewing and quilting.  Of course, I won’t have my quilting buddies here to keep me laughing, and I won’t have the guys at the lodge cooking me wonderful meals, but I’ll just hang out with the kitties and the pup, and we’ll have a good time.  I’m deciding right now that we will have a wonderful time, no matter what we do.

I need to make some decisions about work.  Do I continue in my current position for another four months even though I feel, at times, as though it will kill me, or do I resign and work part-time in other areas on campus?  The plus about staying where I am for now is that my benefits are paid.  And, of course, a full-time salary goes further in paying off the debts than a part-time salary would.  Money isn’t everything though, and you definitely can’t spend it on fun things if your health is suffering.

I suspect a long weekend will be helpful in making decisions and relaxing.  Enjoy the holiday.  Remember your loved ones who have gone before you and those who have lost their lives in service to our country.  Put your feet up and contemplate the backs of your eyelids.


6 thoughts on “Suspicion

  1. Your right Lindy Loo no amount of money is worth you peace of mind and you intuition.

  2. Hey Linda, I guess I’ve been out of the loop on LAChat. I thought you were soundly retired now! Your advice is so simple and so right. A long holiday weekend could clear out my brain too.

    • I am retired, but am working a post-retirement appointment so I can pay off the car and actually afford to live on my pension. It’s growing old really fast. (and so, might I add, am I!)

  3. before giving up the financial advantages of your current position, i would try really hard to adjust my “attitude” about the job. i know this sounds really bad, but maybe if you could not care quite as much about the job, some of the job stress would lessen. i’m not suggesting you become a bad employee, maybe just not give quite as much of yourself away to the job.

    • I’ve tried Kay. Each day I come in telling myself that I’m just here to work and collect my check. Then something happens to beat me down again. As the Dilbert cartoon I took down off my bulletin board says, “I’m drowning and monkeys dressed as lifeguards are throwing me anvils.” I’d much rather be home quilting!! 😉 (Which, by the way, I will be for three whole days! — YEAH!)

  4. Linda,
    Follow your gut instincts and do whats best for you!!! Can you make it 4 months? If your sanity and happiness are affected, then you will know the right thing to do. Been there done that. : )

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