Dr. Pavlov would be so disappointed

Or, as my brother says, some kids just have to learn the hard way.  But, will I ever learn?  I have hypoglycemia.  Not all that difficult to manage (really?), but I seem to keep running into problems.  I know I shouldn’t eat simple carbs or sugar, but, one symptom of this condition is that it makes you constantly hungry and, of course, you crave sweets.  I generally do pretty well.  However, yesterday I needed to run some errands, and there were all those displays of lovely Easter candy sitting out.  I just had to have some.  Sugar usually makes me get hot, sweaty, and shaky, but I didn’t feel any of that yesterday.  I was sitting with the computer, working on Ancestry.com, and suddenly, I couldn’t remember who was who’s father, brother, or son.  They were all sort of running together and I was so confused.  Uh-oh.  Confusion generally equals low blood sugar.  Thank goodness I could remember that.  Grabbed my tester which, thankfully, was right near me, and my reading was 29.  It should be between 70-100.  29 is about a step away from seizures and coma.  Remedy?  Sugar!  I ate a few pieces of candy, got the sugar up, had some protein to sort of even things out, and then threw the remaining candy in the trash.  GEEZ!  I know better.  I really know better.  Dr. Pavlov was able to train dogs with conditioned response.  Can someone please train me not to do stupid things like this?  OY!  So, today I’m back on the protein train.  Easter eggs for breakfast, greek yogurt with strawberries for lunch.  Now I’m headed upstairs for some quilting with no food.  Why do we always want what we can’t have?


2 thoughts on “Dr. Pavlov would be so disappointed

  1. Oh I would have a terrible time giving up sweets! That is my one true weakness! Not to mention I don’t like yogurt and all those things that are good for ya! Hang in there!!! You will get it but I am sure there will be these kinds of hurdles yet to come. Take care of yourself!!

    • I never really cared for sweets till all this started happening. Now I want sugar! I was always a popcorn, chips, crackers sort of gal. Now I can’t have those either. It’s heck getting old! But, on the other hand, there are parts of aging that I really like. Basic life is much more comfortable now. 😉

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