Two more days!

Only two more days and I will be officially retired!  I get one whole day off (actually, I get a whole three-day weekend) and then I will be back to work on Monday as a post-retirement employee.  I’ll hopefully pay off the car and buy an IQ with the extra money, but we’ll see how long I hang in there.

Today was a bit of a sad day.  As you all know, I run off every now and then to Silver Falls or other locations with my Getaway Girls.  I love each and every one of these women, and today we lost one of our own.  Pat Bond was one of the sweetest women you could ever have met, but at the same time, she had a sharp wit and an impish sense of humor.  I enjoyed her company very much.  She passed away this morning, thankfully surrounded by her family.  We will be sorting through her quilting supplies and selling them next month to help defray her medical expenses.  I will be helping with some of the sorting and pricing this weekend.  I will also be quilting one of her last quilts, which will be a wedding gift for one of her nephews (I believe).   She was very anxious to get all these things done, and I so would have loved her to see the quilt finished.  It was not to be.  So, if you can, say a prayer for Pattie.  She’s now one of God’s newest angels.