Now I remember why I want to get out of that office!  One of the faculty emailed this morning to say he doesn’t think he can teach his class next term.  CLASSES START MONDAY!  Are you freakin’ kidding me?  And, this is not a “I’m not coming.  Cancel my payroll and get someone else to teach the class.”  This is a “I’m thinking about it and will let you know!”  OY!  The sad part is, this guy has done the same thing for each. term. this. year.  I’m almost ready to light my hair on fire and run screaming into the night.  I will however, just suck it up and do what I need to do when I get the final word.  This has been my career.  Putting out one fire after another.  I look forward to the lack of flames and smoke.

On the brighter side, I now have a commission to make a quilt for my physical therapist (and friend), Michael.  I have an appointment with him tomorrow and will bring some quilt designs with me.  I’ve got the Miss Rosie’s Spice of Life Quilts, which has some lovely but manly quilts in it, a book my secret stitcher sent me called Relax and Quilt, which has some nice ones, and, oddly enough, a book I picked up at the $1 book sale at guild last week.  It’s called Great American Quilts 1988, and for some reason it called out to me from the doorway of the room that held the books.  I walked right over to it, picked it up, and flipped to what I think is the most gorgeous HST quilt I’ve ever seen.  Of course, since the book came out in 1988, they have templates you can trace and use to make the pattern. I won’t be using those when I make this quilt (either for me or for Mike), but I need to make that quilt.  It’s so scrappy and wonderful.

So, here I am, retiring in seven more days, and really wondering if I want that six-month post-retirement contract.  Sigh.  I suppose I must work it.  They do need to find a replacement, and the schedule for advertising and interviewing I filled out today will give them plenty of time to find someone, so I guess I’d best dig in and get things finished up.  All of you younger folks who are reading this. . .I hope you find out much sooner than I did what it is that brings you joy.  You need to do that for your life’s work instead of plugging along daily in a job you really don’t like.  I’ve done it for too long and look forward to living my dreams.


4 thoughts on “Oy!

  1. You could try what the faculty member did: “I’m thinking about it and will let you know!”

    Good luck with your retirement. I’ve never regretted leaving my job when I did.

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