Another Miracle

Well, just the miracles of modern science.  The Lyrica is working and I can finally sit here and get some stuff done!  I feel a bit loopy, but at least I’m able to concentrate on something other than the burning pain in my butt and leg.  Actually, for feeling a little strange, I’ve managed to get a lot done this morning.  Perhaps this will help me plow through the pile!  I have so much to do.  I’d like to get this office cleaned up before the end of the week.  I’ve got to retire!!  Eight days, but who’s counting?

Have a great day all.  I think I can quit bitchin’ for a while.  Well, at least five minutes, anyway!


2 thoughts on “Another Miracle

    • Thanks Freda. Yes, it is a bad, burning pain. I was squirming around trying to get it to stop. I go to PT today and hopefully, they’ll help me work out the knot that’s causing this. Hope Lynn is doing much better!

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