I was wrong!

Well, I guess it’s not the first time, and surely, it won’t be the last.  Apparently, it’s sitting on my tush, and probably most specifically, sitting on my tush in my office at the UO that is causing this blazing pain down my leg.  It returned yesterday with my return to the office and last night I slept nary a wink.  I have an appointment at the after-hours clinic tonight to see if they will give me some Lyrica.  It is nerve pain, plain and simple.  I have (probably) more than my share of narcotics, but they will not even take the edge off this pain, so I finally gave up.  Thankfully, I have a physical therapy appointment tomorrow.  I’m sure Michael will help straighten me out.  If I can get some Lyrica (nerve pain medicine), I think I can get this under control.  Must not be in pain!  I’ve gotten two more customers in the last 24 hours.  I have quilts of my own I want to make!  I have no time for pain.  I think I did get an hour of sleep last night.  That was after I got up and got the ice pack — I slept for about an hour while my butt was frozen!  sigh

I’ve had a black and whitish quilt planned out for some time, but haven’t been able to find just the right fabrics for it.  A few days ago, Marsha McCloskey posted that she has some new fabrics in her Staples line (Staples III) so I went to take a look.  This time, there are a few designs in gray!  They are perfect!  Since Marsha doesn’t live far from me, I emailed her my order and went to pick up the fabrics at lunchtime today.  I also got some in taupe which will go with another background I have for a HST quilt I want to make — very scrappy.  Anyway, you should check out Marsha’s site.  Because she needed to make room in her studio for the new bolts, she’s put some of her blenders and a few other items on sale.  Check it out.

Well, I did manage to get into the doctor this evening and got my prescription for Lyrica.  Wordpress was having problems earlier, so this message didn’t post.  I’m lying here on the couch getting a bit sleepy, so I think I’m going to go hit the hay.  Hope tomorrow is a better day.  Today actually was quite lovely with large puffy clouds, despite the pain.  Spring is definitely on the way!


3 thoughts on “I was wrong!

  1. Oh – I hope you are feeling better today! Constant pain is….well, for lack of a better phrase, a pain in the butt!

    • I’m much better today, thanks. Just got back from physical therapy, which was a little painful, but in a good way. I’ll go back again on Friday. Good to get the kinks out!

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