Hmm.  Maybe I’m a bit more tied to that moon than I thought.  Or, perhaps there is just power in speaking about a problem.  I was feeling pretty tormented by that pain in my leg.  Squirmed and stretched and griped a whole lot yesterday.  Waited fairly impatiently for that full moon to rise last night.  Unfortunately, with a bunch of clouds to the east, I missed the full effect of the moonrise.  It always appears it’s largest at the horizon.  Anyway, I stood outside and got some nice shots of the moon.  It will take me a while to process the pictures, as I had to shoot them in RAW and in manual mode, so I’ll post some one of these days.  Anway, I got up this morning, and my pain is GONE!  Something finally let go.  So, it’s the first day of spring, I’m free of the pain, and I’ve got quilts to do.  What could be better?


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