Don’t get comfy

Dang it.  My back has been feeling great for several months and it actually still is, but I’ve had building sciatic pain over the past week.  Last night it nearly drove me to distraction.  I took a pain pill and a Lyrica (nerve pain med) and slept like a boulder.  This morning I felt pretty good, but the pain is coming back.  I’ve been stretching, using the muscle stimulator, icing, applying heat, etc., but it doesn’t seem to want to go away.  I guess I’ll call my physical therapist on Monday and try to get back in to see him soon.  I hate taking these stupid pills.  As you get older, you tend to be silly enough without adding fuel to the fire, so to speak.

Quilts are pouring in to do.  Fortunately, the pain in my hip and leg are better when I’m standing, so quilting is actually okay.  Now if I could only keep Ozzie entertained while I quilt.  I think I’ve found just the ticket.  It’s called Go Dog Go an automatic ball launcher that should be right up Ozzie’s alley.  Until it gets here, we’ll practice dropping balls in a bucket when he brings them back.  I’m hoping this will entertain him.  He doesn’t like the stairs up to (or down from) my studio, and when I do bring him up, he gets nervous.  He also manages to find long sharp pins on the floor that even my magnets don’t find, and he loves to eat them.  I’d rather spend the money on a fairly expensive dog toy than to pay for surgery on my pup!

Well, pain is increasing while I sit here, so I’m taking my sorry (and painful) butt back up the stairs to quilt.  Happy National Quilting Day all!!

OH!  I almost forgot.  Not only is today special for quilting, but there will also be a super perigee moon this evening.  I believe it may be clear enough here in Eugene to see it.

Now that I’m aware of my Transylvania heritage, I’ll be out enjoying it even more than usual.


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