Seems like such a long time. . .

Wow – I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in so long.  Well, scratch that. . . yes, I can believe it.  Life has been incredibly hectic, and I’m only pausing now because I’m home with the crud.  It started coming on two weeks ago and I bombarded myself with Zicam.  I thought I had it beat until I went off to quilt retreat last weekend and lost my voice.  I’ve gone downhill from there.

Anyway, let’s roll back a bit.  You know I was feeling stressed and frustrated at work and decided to retire, right?  So far, all is going well with that.  My last day of regular employment is March 31, just a few weeks away.  I then have a six-month post-retirement contract, but if they find someone good earlier than the end of September, I may graciously step aside.  However, I have plans for that extra income — I’ve put myself on the list for an IQ for my quilting machine.  I think it may be a wise business move, in that the quilting is picking up and I’m getting older.  Add to that the tax incentives for buying new equipment for a small business this year, and I think it could be a win-win situation.  I can imagine it would be wonderful to have a computer help me stitch out motif after motif . . . especially when you want the same design in each block of a 25-block quilt!

So, back to quilting.  The phone has begun to ring, and ring, and ring some more.  I’m going to advertise very inexpensive quilting using my Circle Lord boards.  Quick quilting for me and a way to finish projects for those who aren’t making show quilts and just want their blankie.  While lots of folks like custom quilting, many people just want the throw or blanket for snuggling, and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for the quilting.  I intend to fill that niche.

I was honored last month to have Fil-Tec Threads request a quilt from me to hang in their booth during the show circuit this year.  I guess they noticed how often I promote their threads (particularly the magna glide and magna quilt bobbins), so they thought something from me done with their threads would be nice.  Well, I didn’t have anything on hand, so in my usual reckless manner, I volunteered to quilt them something!  Oy!  I whipped up a whole cloth quilt in a mere seven days from design concept to finish.  I guess I feel so bold because I know, using their threads, I won’t have to worry about thread tension.  I didn’t have time for cut-away trapunto, so I used a couple layers of batting and contrasting thread on the top of the quilt.  I can’t say I really care for the way it came out, especially because I was in such a hurry (haste makes waste!) and couldn’t really rip mistakes.  I also used a Gadget Girls template for the clamshells that I had never used before.  I think it would be fabulous if I could have found my invisigrip to hold it down to the quilt top better, but I went with it.  Hopefully, they won’t mind knowing I used it and slipped a few times.  Anyway, I absolutely loved the back, because the threads matched and the tension was perfect.  The binding was a hastily applied machine method, so it’s not real pretty, but it’s done.  If you happen to see this quilt in the Fil-Tec booth this season, please look at the back (pay no attention to the binding!).  It’s my very favorite part.

I like the back so much better:


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