If you’re not livin’ on the edge . . .

you’re takin’ up too much room!  Well, at least that’s what my brother always tells me.  I AM on the edge . . . or I’m ON edge . . . or I’m at the very end of my rope . . . something along those lines.  However, I just pulled the car into the garage (after spending five hours at the office on a Sunday), closed the door behind me, and I don’t think I’ll come out of here again for a while.  Well, okay, I need to go have a dexascan tomorrow morning, so I’ll do that, but otherwise, I’m staying home to quilt for a few days.  I needed to go to work today while there was no one there to bug me.  I did, as I thought I might, get an incredible amount done.  Amazing what you can accomplish when there is no one there to say, “Linda, I need to be reimbursed for this. . . Linda, I need a purchase order for the bookstore. . . Linda, the copier isn’t working . . . Linda, someone broke the stapler!”  ACK!  Leave me alone!  Fix it yourself!  Give me a half hour to get your paperwork done!  Get out of my office!!  Phew . . . THERE!  I feel better now.  Sometimes there’s just too much going on.  My joined-at-the-hip buddy, Ozzie, went to work with me as usual.  I took him out to pee and, of course, we had to toss the ball.  Well, we ended up getting yelled at by some kids who had the quad “reserved” for some stupid frisbee golf thing.  You can reserve a quad on a public university campus and no one else can use it??  Hmm.  Why weren’t they yelling at the people crossing the lawn to go to the museum?  Well, probably because they were not accompanied by a critter who eats frisbees for breakfast!  sigh  Can’t we all get along?

Anyway, we’re home, the sun is shining, we’re going to have a late lunch, toss the ball a bit more, and then I’m going upstairs to quilt.  I think I may even turn the phone off.  I’m going to do my Oscar the Grouch and pull my trash can lid down tight!


2 thoughts on “If you’re not livin’ on the edge . . .

  1. It was great seeing you at class on Saturday…great fun learning a new technique and meeting all the gals. Your enthusiasm for the subject was wonderful. The wheels (creaky though they may be) are turning in my head and I can’t wait to put the technique into practice again. Thanks!

    • Thanks Lisa! It was good to see you and I’m so glad you liked the class. There are lots of ways to use that technique and I think your wheels may be a bit more well-oiled than you give yourself credit for! 😉

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