Peace on Earth

Well, after all that fussing and agonizing over Christmas, it turned out fairly nice.  I went to Seattle on the 18th to visit my nieces and nephews, attended the baptism of my great nephew Logan on the 19th, and we headed back to Eugene on that afternoon.  Fortunately, the traffic was not bad.  Sitting for that long took a toll on my spine, but I had physical therapy on Monday afternoon, so I was soon put to rights.  My sisters and my brother-in-law and I got in lots of chatting, shopping, and generally motoring around.  On Tuesday, we made the final preparations for their trip to Long Beach, and they were off on Wednesday morning.  I went back to physical therapy that morning, had my aging eyes (complete with slight cataracts) checked Wednesday afternoon, and then I had a full body massage on Thursday afternoon.  Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!  This was my first massage with Zach Newell at and it was fabulous.  Everything was just perfect — the decor of the room, the soothing music, the slight fragrance of the massage oil, and then the massage itself.  I melted.  Zach is very professional and thorough and I think I was a pile of mush for about three days afterwards.  It made for the best holiday ever.  I went to my brother’s house on Friday night and we went up to his Father-in-law’s house for a little party Christmas Eve.  It was very low-key, relaxing, and fun.  Ozzie and I spent the night on my brother’s couch which, by the way, was excellently comfortable (even with a dog sleeping on my chest) and got up to a pleasant Christmas morning.  We all shared small Christmas gifts — just enough to let each other know we were thinking of one another — no huge credit card debts built here, and then we had a nice prime rib dinner.  A little football, a lot of chatting and catching up, and then Ozzie and I were on our way home.  Probably the most hectic part of the holiday was Ozzie constantly stealing Bugsy’s (my brother’s Boston Terrier) ball.  They snarled and barked at each other but, in the end, I think they really had fun with each other.  Ozzie just passed out when we got home.  He was very tired.  On Sunday, we cooked a turkey — not all the fixin’s, just the turkey, and Ozzie and I had turkey for dinner.  I had salad with mine, he passed.  Yesterday (Monday) we made a fabulous turkey stew, saving just a bit of the turkey for more salads, and now I’ve got enough to eat for the week.  So, there’s the holiday in a nutshell.  More than you wanted to know, right?  😉

I’m at the office this week catching up on paperwork and beginning to do the big cleanse of the office space.  There’s a lot of build-up in here from 23 years on the job.  Old notebooks full of budgetary info from years ago that can now be recycled, notebooks to be recycled also because who uses them anymore?  I took my stereo to the holiday party this year and it’s now in a box on my desk.  I’m debating whether it is worth setting it up for a few months or if I should just go ahead and take it home now.  Not that I’m anxious to leave or anything!  I did hand in my termination paperwork last week, so by now the administration is aware I am departing.  Did you hear that collective sigh of relief from Eugene?  Yes, I’ve been here way too long and it will be wonderful to leave.

So, my Christmas was wonderfully peaceful.  I’m anticipating a super new year — retirement, working on my health (more Pilates and a natural, organic diet pledge), starting to quilt more, gardening, and generally trying to become relaxed and comfortable with the life I’ve always wanted.  As I’ve said for many years — I always wanted to be retired when I grew up!

A blessed and prosperous new year to you all.


6 thoughts on “Peace on Earth

  1. Hi Linda – Would you like to get together over a cup of coffee at Full City Coffee on High Street one day soon? I’m in town every Tuesday (11-4), but if that doesn’t mesh with your work schedule, I also be in on Saturday, Jan 22nd and could meet you after work at 4 pm. What works for you? Looking forward to talking with you!

  2. Sorry, what I meant to say was that I work from 11-4 pm, so before or after would work. Could we meet at 10:15 or just after 4 pm? I work at Piece by Piece Fabrics which is right down the street from the coffeehouse. Let me know if this could work…otherwise we can push it to another day.

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