I got better!

Thankfully, from this miserable virus, and not because a witch turned me into a newt!  😉  You Monty Python fans will understand that one.  Anyway, the crud is on the run, I made it through a whole week at work (barely, sanity-wise), and after spending most of the morning playing with my critters, I’m off to quilt till I wilt.

My nurse

took very good care of me and kept me nice and warm with all his snuggling.  Now he wants to play enough ball to make up for a week of illness!  My throwing arm is getting a bit tired.  We’re supposed to be in the midst of a storm here, but it’s actually sunny, so we may have to take a break later on and hit campus or the dog park for another round of Chuck-it ball.

Enjoy your weekend all, and, if you’ve begun your holiday travels, stay safe!


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