‘Tis the season

Damn.  I think I have the sickness.  Earache and sore throat today.  I do not have time to be ill.  This little illness seems to have been hiding in the background and attempting to rear its ugly head for a few weeks now, but has not been much of a problem  Today, it is most annoying.  I’m cold.  Half an hour later, I’m roasting to death.  I had Mrs. Grass’s Chickeny Noodle Soup for lunch (without the noodles, since I can’t have pasta), and I felt better for a bit but now the painful throat is getting to me again.  So, I’ve just given up, have parked myself on the couch with the computer and a small glass of blackberry brandy.  It certainly feels good on my throat, and I have a feeling I’ll be fast asleep in no time.  I hope when I wake up, I feel all better.  I have quilting, cleaning, laundry, and organizing to do, so I don’t have time for this.  Got my comfy quilt and will give in for a few hours.


6 thoughts on “‘Tis the season

    • I hate sore throats more than just about any cold symptom you can get. I’m not really supposed to drink carbonated stuff, but just got back from the grocery store, where I bought a bunch of diet Sierra Mist (like 7Up). It feels good.

  1. Well, the sore throat is a bit better today, but I do feel like I’ve been run over by a bus. Thank goodness I got a flu shot, this would probably be a lot worse. Oz and I are snuggling on the couch. This guy really knows how to take care of his momma.

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