An even deeper Ahhhhhh!

Two weeks ago I posted about the relaxing joy of coming home on a Friday evening.  Well, tonight I’m on the couch with the laptop enjoying the deeper relaxation of knowing I not only have a three day weekend coming up, starting tomorrow, but that I’ll be deep in the woods at Silver Falls State Park

South falls - from a previous trip

at a quilting retreat during those three days!!  Only bummer is, no dogs allowed, so Ozzie will be staying home with my niece Rebecca, who was only too happy to spend Halloween weekend in town, AND my sister Ginny, who for some reason also wants to spend time at my house.  Go figure.  So, the dog, cat, and house sitting is covered and I can go off to do nothing but eat, sleep, and quilt in peace.

Ellen and Nancy should be here by about 7:30 or 8:00 tomorrow, and then we’re off to the Falls.  Of course, we may have to stop at a few quilt shops, and we will be stopping to see Patty Jo and her Quilter’s Rule Rulers in Salem.  I desperately need some new rail clamps, so it will be good to pick them up.

Oh man!  I guess I’d better go out and clean out the car and get my stuff packed!  So much for that deep relaxation.  Have a very Happy Halloween all!


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