“Ugh, what a filthy job!”

“Could be worse. . . ”


“Could be raining!”

Cue thunder and lightning, Igor’s eye flash.

I just finished installing my new M&M wheels.  Did you hear me swearing?  It took me two weeks to work up the gumption to do it.  Now I know why — it is a filthy, tedious job!  However, after the dropped socket set, the washers flying everywhere, getting the bolts tightened down only to find out I forgot a spacer, they are on and THEY . . . ARE . . . FABULOUS!!  Wooooo hooooo!  It’s like skating on ice.  I need to load a practice piece and make sure I’ve got my stitch regulator encoders snugged up just right for perfect stitching, but this is going to be so fabulous for stitch in the ditch and smooth curves.  I can barely feel that x/y axis — the machine will go wherever I want it to.  I think it may be just a little slice of heaven.

So, here I recline on the couch with the laptop before I tackle another filthy job.  Ozzie needs a haircut and a bath, and I’m in bad need of a shower.  So, it’s doggie comb-out, haircut, and then we’ll both hop in the shower.  He just hates this, but he’s getting to be a stinky dog, so it’s a must.

By then, our first big storm of the season should be upon us, so perhaps we’ll snuggle on the couch and put Young Frankenstein in the DVD player.  It is still my favorite movie of all time.

Ah!  I’m clean!  And so is the dog.  He’s been dried off a couple of times and is now snuggled in a towel and wrapped by a quilt.  I think he’ll sleep for a while.  I forgot how skinny he looks when he’s wet!


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