I live in a little cottage that was built back in 1935.  Not ancient to those of you who live in Europe or even on the east coast of the US, but in Eugene, that’s old.  Apparently, at the time this house was slapped together, you were taxed on the number of closets you had so, my house doesn’t really have any.  There’s a tiny half-closet in my bedroom (under the stairs up to the quilt studio), and there’s a wardrobe-type thing that was built in after the fact in the spare bedroom/sewing room.  When I remodeled the attic into my quilt studio back in 2004, I found some wonderful rolling wire basket carts to put my fabric in.  They were prohibitively expensive, so I only bought 2.  While googling for more a few days ago, I found that Ikea had them, and they were only $22 each!  Unfortunately, they were not available for purchase on line.  You had to go to the store (in Portland) to get them, so Ozzie and I took a road trip after work today.  I thought the traffic would be horrendous because of the holiday weekend, but it really wasn’t that bad.  We stopped first at Fabric Depot, where I bought some home dec fabric to cover my couch cushions.  I’ve got some plain off-white cotton duck for the sofa cover I’m making, but I wanted something different for the cushions.  I found something perfect, and I had my 40% off coupon, so I really scored there.  Then we whipped over to Ikea.  I got four (count ’em 4) of the Antonius rolling basket carts for less than $90

I spent a little extra and got the melamine tops for the carts, great for putting small cutting mats on so you can do a little utility work then you roll them out.  These carts fit very nicely under my 6′ x 6′ cutting table, and will store a lot of my stash.  It will be easy to move them around and I love the fact you can slide the drawers out from either side.

On the way out of the store, I found something else I’ve always wanted and, since the price was the best I’ve seen on an item like this, I had to snap it up.  I’ve actually been looking for a sideboard to store fabric, thread, etc., and to make a pressing board for the top, so I could press substantial yardage without having to deal with that tapered part of the ironing board.  This is actually a low-boy dresser for a bedroom, but it suits my purpose perfectly.

Now – If I only had the time to put all this stuff together this weekend and start cleaning things up!  I need to get a lot of quilting done and I have some sewing to do.  I also really would like to go into the office this weekend.  I have so much to do and manage to get more done when no one is there.  I’ve gone in early a few days this week and stayed way late one day.  I’d like to get caught up before the start of the school year.

Of course, having energy and feeling good is really helping with all this.  Maybe I’ll get it all done this weekend — who knows?


7 thoughts on “STORAGE!

  1. Hi,

    What a great idea! My LQS has the Varda (?) Kitchen cabinets for their cutting tables and they are great! I didn’t know they had the rolling carts. I bought mine at The Container Store. I love love them. Are you going to Trends or Innovations?

    • I probably won’t make it to Trends. I stopped attending Innovations a few years back. Not much there to draw me. That first weekend of October is going to be a big one here. It’s our local quilt show, Trends, and I’m leaving that Sunday for the east coast. Gonna have a lot to do, but I’d really love to pop up to Portland to see what’s new!

  2. I love the lowboy! A friend of mine uses one like that with the ironing surface on top. It is wonderful!
    As for the baskets. I have several of those myself with different size baskets. They work great for my tools, rulers, thread and patterns. The biggest size baskets filled with fabric don’t work so well, however. The weight of fabric hinders the movement and the drawers want to fall out of the grooves. Especially if you move the whole thing around at all. Just thought you would want to know. (I still use them for fabric too sometimes, but it is a pain) Good luck!

    • Uh oh! The ones I have are full of fabric and are okay, but then again, I paid big bucks for them. Perhaps these Ikea ones are not as sturdy? We’ll see how it goes. I’m sure I can find lots of stuff to store in there. Trying to get rid of lots of junk, but I’m not tossing my stash!

    • I’m so psyched! I’d been looking at the sideboards– my friend Lynda in Seaside had a really cool one, but I couldn’t find one just like it. Then I saw one at Costco I liked, but it was really for an entertainment center sort of thing – not exactly suitable. This one was only $299! When I saw that, I thought — the cheapest one I’d found to date was at least $50 more expensive. Watch – this weekend I’ll find one that’s only $199. But, I’m happy.

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