Wow! Who knew?

I picked up my new medication this morning and was pleasantly surprised when I managed to eat brunch without feeling really ill.  No stomachache, no dizziness.  No feeling like I needed a big nap an hour later.  Of course, I had eggs and cheese for brunch, as I’ve been so afraid to eat carbs, knowing they make me sick.  So, for lunch, I had cottage cheese with raspberries and almonds.  Still some good protein, but carbs were definitely in there.  No illness . . . actually, by about 3:00 in the afternoon, when I generally find it impossible to keep my head off my desk, I felt GREAT!  I came home and didn’t need to grab the first thing available to eat when I got in the door.  I played ball with the dog, cleaned up the kitchen, loaded the dehydrator with the jerky I’d put in the frige to marinate the day before yesterday, made dinner, did the dishes, and even sewed a little!  Then I realized I missed chat.  ;^(  But, I feel wonderful!  It has been years since I’ve had any energy.  I don’t know if this is for real or if it’s just placebo effect, but for now, I’ll take it!  Who knew blood sugar (or severe lack thereof) could make you so sick.  Hallelujah, I’m alive!!


4 thoughts on “Wow! Who knew?

    • Well, most of it was a test I ran myself. I have a blood glucose meter my bariatric surgeon gave me a few years ago. I had to take my blood sugar several times a day. When I wake up, before meals, at the beginning I would take my sugar an hour after eating, then two hours after eating, and then before bed. If I woke up in the middle of the night, I was supposed to take it then too. I had to keep a spreadsheet of everything I ate and how it affected me. We started this because one night I woke up feeling sick and took my blood sugar – low is between 40 and 60 – mine was 27! I could have fallen into a coma and died. I finally figured out that if I ate very low on the glycemic load index, I could feel okay. My new med, which is not absorbed by the bloodstream, but just blocks some carbohydrate absorption, lets me eat a bit more normally. And I have energy!! I also slept like the dead last night. I feel wonderful.

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