Wow! Who knew?

I picked up my new medication this morning and was pleasantly surprised when I managed to eat brunch without feeling really ill.  No stomachache, no dizziness.  No feeling like I needed a big nap an hour later.  Of course, I had eggs and cheese for brunch, as I’ve been so afraid to eat carbs, knowing they make me sick.  So, for lunch, I had cottage cheese with raspberries and almonds.  Still some good protein, but carbs were definitely in there.  No illness . . . actually, by about 3:00 in the afternoon, when I generally find it impossible to keep my head off my desk, I felt GREAT!  I came home and didn’t need to grab the first thing available to eat when I got in the door.  I played ball with the dog, cleaned up the kitchen, loaded the dehydrator with the jerky I’d put in the frige to marinate the day before yesterday, made dinner, did the dishes, and even sewed a little!  Then I realized I missed chat.  ;^(  But, I feel wonderful!  It has been years since I’ve had any energy.  I don’t know if this is for real or if it’s just placebo effect, but for now, I’ll take it!  Who knew blood sugar (or severe lack thereof) could make you so sick.  Hallelujah, I’m alive!!