Okay, so I’m not all that sweet

I finally had my appointment with the Endocrinologist and Metabolism Specialist today.  I have severe hypoglycemia.  Refined and even whole grain carbohydrates make my blood sugar spike and then plummet within an hour or two of eating.  I’ve been managing this by eating mostly protein and vegetables (boring!), but there may be a treatment for me.  I’m to start on a new medication tomorrow which will block some of the absorption of carbohydrates in my system and, hopefully, keep my blood sugar at a fairly even level without having to eat such a restrictive diet.  The best news of all this is that I am not in danger of becoming a diabetic.  I have a lot of that in my family history, and it was a big worry.  The doctor says that controlling these spikes and valleys in my sugar should result in my finally having some energy!  I can hardly wait.

So, I may have a productive three-day weekend coming up!  How exciting.  Any of you have major plans for the holiday?  I have lots of sewing and quilting to do, but I’m thinking about taking a drive to Portland to Ikea to get some storage units that will match those I currently have.  They are on sale at a mere fraction of what I originally paid for them but, unfortunately, you can’t buy them on-line and have them shipped (poop!).  I don’t know if I want to get myself out into holiday traffic though, so I may just stay home.


3 thoughts on “Okay, so I’m not all that sweet

    • Ozzie’s doing really well. He’s turning into such a good boy. We got some new toys last night, so he’s snuggling with one of them here in my office. I’ll try to put some new pics up soon.

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