Let’s get this party started!

HAH!  Have you ever heard that saying, “If it weren’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have no luck at all?”  I think it’s my motto.  Well, actually, I live a charmed life, but it is not without foibles.  I always (ALWAYS) hate to celebrate my birthday (which is today).  Don’t know why, but getting another year older always puts me in a foul mood.  Anyway, I came into the office today and started through the pile of paperwork.  Around 9:00, when I got up to get my second cup of coffee, I figured I’d log into my gmail account to see if I had any email.  Yipes!  The file took forever to download and there were lots of wonderful wishes from old and new friends.  It did make me smile, even in my curmudgeonliness.  So, long about noon time I decided that I would indeed celebrate the fact that Mother Nature had made me a present of a full moon, and go and get myself a bottle champagne so I could toast her under the party tree this evening.  Note to self:  Do not go into Trader Joe’s without your glasses!!  I zipped off on a quick lunch break and got my champagne.  Whipped home to stow it in the frige so it would be nicely chilled when I got off work.  As I went to put it on the shelf, I noticed the bottle did not say “Brut” as I expected, but “Blanc de Noirs.”  ACK!  I can’t drink that stuff (wine snob — yes).  So.  I will adjust.  My sister offered to walk to Sweet Life Patisserie with me this evening to get a piece of cheesecake.  I must admit the very thought sort of makes my stomach hurt, but perhaps we shall — I’ll have a couple of bites while my swapped bottle of champagne, which I will swap after work, chills in a bucket of ice.  By the time I get home, it should be delightful.

I did have one really fun part of the day today.  I called my Aunt Ethel who lives in Stratford, CT.  I was born on her 30th birthday, a long, long time ago.  We had a really nice conversation.  Lots of laughs, a few tears, and lots of news.  I’ll get to go visit her in about a month and a half.  It was wonderful to talk with her.  Happy Birthday Aunt Ethel!!


5 thoughts on “Let’s get this party started!

    • I did get my champagne. Put it on to chill while we walked down to get some cake. Woooo doggies! Sugar really messes with me and I thought I would be very sick (actually, I did feel awful) after a couple of forkfuls of Chocolate Orgasm (Chocolate Orange cake with custard, etc, — to die for, and nearly did me in!). Came home, had craft hour, then had a bit of cheese and crackers, which leveled out the blood sugar. Then we had a glass of champagne out under the tree in the moonlight. What an absolutely beautiful night. I’m sure I will have sweet dreams (sent the rest of the cake home with my sister!).

  1. Happy Birthday Linda! Wow you get to go back east? Hmmm…well I hope that the weather is wondeful for you. Maybe you’ll get one of those Indian Summers I miss so much.

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