A very special day

One year ago today, while many, many folks were perusing the quilts over in Sisters, OR, a little puppy was being born over in Westin.  He didn’t know it then, but his name would be Ozzie, and he would come to live with a curmudgeonous old woman in Eugene, Oregon.  So, this morning, in celebration, we had a good ball toss in the back yard:

After several thousand (or, at least, it seems that many) tosses, I got to sit in my chair and drink coffee and do sudoku puzzles.  It is getting toasty out already, even though it will not be as hot today as it has been for the past few, so someone decided to celebrate with a birthday dip:

Looks like we’ll need a little more water in there for later in the day.  We also need a bath and a haircut!


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