Thank goodness for holiday weekends

I’m so glad it’s going to be a three-day weekend.  I have so much to do, and less time to do it in.  Ever since I got back from my retreat, the phone has been ringing off the hook with quilting jobs.  I have six here and have to pick another one up tomorrow morning.  Will pick up another next week.  I’ve got to get moving!  Looks like there won’t be a whole heck of a lot of yard work happening this weekend, but the lawn is mowed — just need to do some more rose pruning and weeding part of the flower beds out back.

I also need to get some borders put on the pinwheel quilt I sewed at last weekend’s retreat.  It’s from my favorite (of late) book Scrap Basket Surprises by Kim Brackett.  Cute quilts from 2 1/2″ strips.  So easy, you can just chain piece them in no time.  I’ll be adding my own borders to this one for a bit of my own twist, but it was so fun to whip up a quilt top in two days!

No doubt, we will at some point, take a trip to the dog park.  Lots of road construction in that area, so we may have to hit the park by Autzen Stadium instead, but someone has been such a good pup today, he definitely deserves the treat!

Have a great weekend all.

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