I guess I should post this here

I noticed that the main search words for my blog lately have been “Monet’s Wedding Ring.”  I realize I never posted it here.  This was a quilt pieced by my sister Barb (I helped with the strip piecing, but she selected all the fabrics and assembled the quilt top) that I had in my shop for two years while I struggled to recover from a spinal fusion.  I finally got it quilted for her right before MQX, but I’ve been struggling so much with the software for my wonderful camera, that getting a picture out of it has been like getting blood out of a turnip.  I managed, with some help from Aperture software, to convert a few pictures of the quilt I took in Massachusetts after MQX.  I think I have finally gotten the right software from Pentax, and will be (hopefully) posting pics more often.  So, I give you, Barbara Steller’s version of Judy Martin’s pattern, Monet’s Wedding Ring (from Judy’s book, Scraps)

Just simple free-hand feathers and some terry twist.  It took me forever to get up the gumption to do it, but the actual quilting time wasn’t all that much – just while listening to Anna Karenina (about 40 hours) and one other novel!  ;^P

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