Gettin’ Old Ain’t Fer Sissies

Phew – I was away for a week at MQX and Cape Cod and I think it really wore me out.  I got home Sunday and took Monday off to recoup from the slight jet lag, but it wasn’t till Tuesday when I felt really TIRED.  Each night, when I got home from work, I’d turn the news on the TV and immediately fall asleep on the couch.  Geez!  I’m only 55.  I can’t believe a little flight across the country could really wear me down like that.  Well, anyway, it’s going to be a lovely weekend here in Oregon, and the sad looking little pup leaning on my arm here has just responded in the affirmative when asked if we want to visit the “doggie park.”  We’ll be back after a good ball toss.  Hopefully, with some pictures!  I’ve been fighting an extreme battle with my wonderful camera (with less than stellar digital camera software) and I think I’ve figured out a patched-up solution for now.  I did get someone at Pentax to promise to send me a new disc yesterday, so perhaps I will be back to posting nice photos before too long.

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