MQX Rocks, as usual

Well, we’re in a new and unfamiliar land, but MQX is still a great show.  The quilts were gorgeous, lots of different vendors this year, and as usual, old friends to hug and new friends to meet.  I had a great time with one exception.  That headache I had when I arrived only continued to grow through Tuesday night and Wednesday.  I made it through my first class just fine, as I was quilting and blabbering away in my usual manner and felt right at home.  By my afternoon class, however, the lights seemed to be flashing in my eyes and I lost the connection between my brain and my mouth.  Not to mention that the third page of my handout didn’t get attached to the packet, and the whiteboard that should have been in class wasn’t there, but even when I tried to draw on paper I had trouble understanding myself nevermind asking my students to understand me.  It was a bad nightmare.  Luckily, my students were mostly understanding and cut me a lot of slack in my evaluations, but I have taken a lot of email addresses and will mail that third page, plus the photos and illustrations that didn’t make it in.  One of the students suggested that I turn the class into a Powerpoint presentation, which I think is a GREAT idea.  Anyway, I think I gave them the idea of how to best make quilted garments to insure that they will fit, come together without lumps, etc.  I normally do a much better job, but teaching with a migraine is a hard thing to do.  I even forgot, in both classes, that I had hauled door prizes with me.  Perhaps I’ll save them for next year, if Janet-Lee and Mary will have me back, and I will be sure my suitcase contains a couple of doses of migraine meds.  OY!  If you happened to be in that class, please accept my condolences and do make sure I get your email address so I can send you more details.  I did actually have someone thank me for the class today and tell me that she learned a lot.  I’m surprised and grateful.

So, it was great to see friends, I was sorry I didn’t get to stay as long as I would have liked, but the show was well-oiled and fun (as much as it can be with a migraine) as usual.  Oh – by the way – another verification that quilters are the very best.  One of my students supplied me with some Excedrin, and two chocolate truffles.  After class I headed back to my room, drew the curtains, and laid down on the bed.  I was OUT.  I felt so much better when I finally got up again.  To that student – THANK YOU so much.  You really saved me.

I’ll post pics when I get home and can get the camera to play nice with the computer.  I actually did get a Windows computer set up before I left, and should now be able to convert from RAW to JPEG without the program shutting down on me.  At least I hope so!

4 thoughts on “MQX Rocks, as usual

  1. So sorry to hear you had such a rough go of it. Glad your students were mostly understanding too. Hope you got some good pictures and lots of hugs. Hope you are feeling better soon gal, LY!

  2. It’s not something you plan for is it, I sure do hope all the students were understanding these things can’t be helped, it’s a shame you didn’t have a stand in in the emergency ( something to ponder for next time) HUGGS to you

    • So hard to have a stand in available, but that is a good idea when one is ailing. If I had been better prepared (as I should have been) I think the visual aids would have carried the class without my getting too muddled. Trying to explain things when you’re feeling dazed and confused is not easy. If I had my photos with me, I would most likely have done okay. All my own fault – no excuses. I know I can and WILL do better in the future.

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