That quilting thing

Some of you have seen these photos on some of the quilting sites, but I didn’t post them here.  I really don’t get a lot of computer time anymore.  Between my job, my quilting, an old house that is in shambles (I AM, without doubt, the world’s worst housekeeper) and my dog, I can scarcely find time to even think about piecing.  I need to make an applique block this afternoon for a friend who has terminal cancer.  It is a pity that such sorrowful things prompt me to action.  At any rate, here is the latest quilt I slipped on while pondering what to do with the Monet’s Wedding Ring.  It is a hand-pieced Lemoyne Star.  The blocks were not square, and in places, they were not even stitched together.  While it was not excellently made, I loved it from the moment my customer unfurled it in the quilt shop.  I like the colors . . . I love stars . . . it just spoke to me.  I used a stencil from QC for the open blocks and just simple CC for the stars.

I have this wonderful new camera that allows me to take such wonderful photos, but alas, the software does not play nicely with my computer.  I will install the software on an old windows computer I have and see if I can get things to run a bit more smoothly that way.  Otherwise, I shall have to write to Pentax and let them know I am not happy.  Ouch – when Linda’s not happy, that’s NOT a good thing!  ;P

Off to hit the shower, run to JoAnn’s for some saral paper (I hope they have it) and then off to the dog park.  Have a great day all.


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