A new year

I really hope it’s better than the last one.  I guess it’s up to me to work on that!  We’ll give it a go.

Ozzie made it home from the vet on Wednesday night with one of those awful elizabethan collars on.  He just would not leave himself alone.  I took it off for a while and we snuggled on the couch.  We ended up staying that way most of the night, while he cried, despite the pain pills they sent us home with.  Poor little fella.  I think he was mourning his loss more than feeling pain.  He seems to have sprung right back, and the thought of trying to keep this dog quiet for 14 whole days seems just impossible.  He’s knocked down the cover to the crawl space under the house by digging under it, and now each time he goes out, he heads right for it and barks his fool head off.  No telling what critters he has allowed to crawl in there — we have a large population of raccoons, squirrels, and possums here in town.

When I can get him quiet, he’s still trying to buddy-up to Vincent.

Or he helps me watch the sunrise

It’s a new year.  Let’s make it the best one in ages!


One thought on “A new year

  1. Linda the picture of those two critters is so cute, I’m glad your blogging again, I still haven’t restarted mine. I am with you in putting 2009 behind us, foward hoe into 2010 with positive thoughts and actions.

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