So lonely today

Do you have a little critter who is always by your side?  When they are away for the day, it is so terribly noticeable.  My Ozzie is at the vet’s office today.  He is being neutered, having his rabies shot, getting a microchip, and is being licensed.  I miss the little critter and hope he is okay.  Here is his adorable little face.

And here is how much he’s grown since the last time you saw him.

He is a little doll who loves to play at the dog park.  He has so many friends there.  His favorites are the Great Danes and the Huskies.  He’ll play with the small dogs, but he prefers the big ones.  He has no idea he’s just a little pup.  He weighed in at a hefty 13.8 at the vet’s this morning.  He’s much smaller than his half-brother Max.


4 thoughts on “So lonely today

    • Word from the vet’s office is that the procedure went well and Oz is resting comfortably. Can’t wait to see my baby this evening. I hope he’s up for snuggling on the couch. That’s all he wanted last night.

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