Houston, we have a problem

Uh-oh.  It appears we may have to exercise a woman’s prerogative and change our mind AND the puppy’s name.  It had not occurred to me that, as my puppy will be with me in the office quite frequently, I can’t give him a name that belongs to one of my faculty.  Especially since the faculty member we do have who is named George is a very distinguished professor.  Dang it.  Now what will I do?   It may have to come down to Ozzie or Cosmo.  If I name him Cosmo, I would most likely call him Cozzie (rhymes with Ozzie).  Cosmo Fospero was a dear friend to many a student at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.  I remember him quite fondly, even though he yelled at me several times for making card play errors when we teamed up for “pitch.”  Well, I’ll sleep on it.

P.S.  No, Barb, this does not mean I’ll be naming him any part of HDT so don’t even suggest it.  This is getting old.


7 thoughts on “Houston, we have a problem

  1. You know Brandi is actually Brandi-Lyn and when sometimes she gets called Brandi and sometimes she gets called Lynners…and sometimes she gets called Brandi-Lyn…..(the last usually when she’s misbehaved). And she knows and responds to all three.

    There’s no rule he can’t have a double name.

    • How ’bout Cozzie George? My goodness. I never realized it would be so tough to name an animal. My cats already had names when I picked them up at the pound, and I’ve never bothered to rename them!

    • Well, my secretary’s dog is named Jack, my undergrad advisor’s son’s name is Jack. It just didn’t seem to sit well. I thought I had it all figured out. Ah, I must ponder more.

  2. You know, there is a very good chance that when you pick him up, he’ll let you know what his name needs to be by his personality at home.

    You’ve got time yet.

  3. I am sure once you get that 1st hug and lick and as he is romping with Sophie and Max a name will come, I am getting so excited, Saturday we get to go meet your new boy Saturday…… Have a great day, happy, happy birthday, wish i could be there.. Love ya bunches

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