They grow up so quickly


My new bundle of joy was born just one week ago today, but is apparently, growing quite a bit already.  I don’t know which one of these little guys I will choose as my own, but one of them is coming home with me at the end of August.  I have second pick of the males.  There are five of them:


3 days old

3 days old



3 days old #2

3 days old #2


And here are the little guys on their one week birthday:


1 week birthday!

1 week birthday!

As you can see, their little ears are no longer a bright pink, their little noses are already turning black, and they are getting quite plump.  I think they must have a really good momma.  I originally thought I’d like one of the cream colored pups, as I would have a terrible time keeping a white dog clean, but now I’m not so sure.  I think it will take a bit until I can see their personalities developing in their pictures before I’m able to pick one out as my own.  

So far, I’m thinking either Captain Jack Sparrow as a name, or Atticus.  Again, this will depend on personality.  Captain Jack, as we know, is a bit quirky and fun.  Atticus (from To Kill A Mockingbird) was a kind, gentle, but righteous man.  What better than to name your dog after characters played by the incomparable Johnny Depp or Gregory Peck?  We’ll shall see — oh yes, we shall see.


7 thoughts on “They grow up so quickly

  1. They are SO sweet! I agree, Atticus is such a great name- and Gregory Peck is one of my favorite actors. To Kill a Mockingbird was the first movie I saw with him starring and I was smitten from then on! Such a noble name is Atticus! You are going to love having a puppy, Linda- cats are wonderful, but there is nothing like a puppy to make you feel like the most wonderful person on the planet- he will adore you!

    • LOL – I’m counting on it. All these years I thought I’d find some wonderful man. Instead, I figured I’d buy myself a dog. Now I can be adored for the goddess I AM! 😉

  2. Ahhh! Cute little infant puppies!! Maybe instead of you choosing a puppy, a puppy will choose YOU! They are such cute little things; I can’t wait to see them when they become scruffy! I LOVE scruffy-nosed little dogs.

  3. Oh, I remember when Max was one of those chubby little guys, he was soo adorable, still is but they grow up so fast, Whaaaaaaaa…. I think you should get 2 of them since you were supposed to STOP me from getting another one and didn’t LOL…. Max and Sophie love you to pieces and cannot wait to teach your new baby all the tricks of the trade LOL.. Be prepared for a daily ear cleaning, the love ya even when we are at our worst.. You are going to be the best Momma, I see it when you are here tolerating all the licks. bites, ear cleanings and jumps…..

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