I’m a MOMMA!

Well, I was already a cat mom, but now I’m a puppy mom!  Lola (my puppy’s biological mom) delivered Nine (count ’em 9) puppies on July the 11th (Sisters Quilt Show Day).  There are five males and four females, and I have second pick of the males.  I’m sure it will be difficult to pick one.  I get to bring my little bundle of joy home the last weekend in August.  I’m supposed to be away at the coast that weekend, so I guess I have a few things to work out.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’m so excited.  I already have treats and toys and a leash and collar.  I have a kennel that I’ve used for the cats, but they never go anywhere.  BB&B has a foldable one that I may pick up with the coupon.  

I’m still amazed that a 13 lb. mini-Schnauzer had 9 puppies!  Pictures to come soon.